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At a time when many Europeans are already worried about the old days, a site reviews the ideal destinations to optimize its (meager) retirement pension.

It is sometimes better to go abroad to take full advantage of one's retirement, especially when it turns out to be, in time, particularly unsuitable for the cost of living in the main urban areas of Western Europe. Every year, International Living
magazine survey ranks the best destinations to escape this gloomy perspective and to spend happy days in other places.

Critical criteria
The criteria for this analysis are the cost of living, health care, residence permit, purchase or rental of properties and of course the climate. This year, the country's political situation, an essential element for quality of life, investment opportunities and the benefits of local gastronomy, are added to the study.

Learn Spanish
Immediate observation: it is better to start by learning Spanish. In this little game, Latin America stands out indeed with no less than seven countries in the world top 10, to which must be added Spain in 9th position, always appreciated for its cuisine, its history, the charm of its coastline and its major coastal cities (Barcelona, Valencia, San Sebastian, Bilbao), combining the useful and the pleasant.

Costa Rica, the rare pearl
Costa Rica leads the podium for its impeccable quality of life, political stability, climate, access to medical care and the relatively low cost of real estate. You can easily find a house for rent with two bedrooms for less than 400 euros rent or acquire a property with ocean views for less than 160,000 euros. The American magazine Forbes
estimates that a couple can live comfortably with a cumulative salary of 2,000 euros per month.

Linguistic exception of the ranking, with Malaysia, Portugal confirms its value. After dark years of austerity, the country is rising from the ashes and is now attracting more and more tourists but especially more permanent foreign residents. It is indeed perceived as one of the safest countries in the world, and one of the most interesting to invest. In addition, it speaks better English and is the door next door ...

The top 10
1. Costa Rica
2. Mexico
3. Panama
4. Ecuador
5. Malaysia
6. Colombia
7. Portugal
8. Nicaragua
9. Spain
10. Peru

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